Swirl & Cellar enables collectors to get more out of their interest in wine. This tailored and flexible service has evolved through years of client requests and referrals, and includes wine sourcing, wine portfolio management, cellar valuations, private wine tuition, wine tours, and even food and wine matching for a special occasion. We also provide cellar valuations for loss adjusters and insurers, and have established a strong reputation in this community for accuracy, reliability and tact.

Service Offering

Wine has a unique power to capture memory and personal significance. Swirl & Cellar developed from our earliest and most personal days when Sarah was asked by friends, and then friends of friends, for advice on all aspects of wine. The questions we were asked then still inform our approach:

“I’ve been approached to invest in wine – should I do it? “

“How can we find the wine that we were drinking when he proposed, to serve at our wedding?”

“I’m entertaining important clients – how do I know what to order from the wine list?”

“What wine should I buy for my new-born nephew to drink on his 18th?”

“I’ve inherited some wine – what is it worth and what should I do with it?”

Our offering today is broader, but still rooted in that personal approach. We are proud to work with a trusted network of world-class specialists and have excellent relationships through the global wine trade.  In addition, we have partnered with leading portfolio Insurers, La Playa, to develop a wine insurance policy specifically for home cellars and have wide experience offering expert wine appraisals and wine valuations for underwriters and insurers in the event of a claim by their clients.

Wine education & sommelier services
  • Wine sourcing
  • Private sommelier services
  • Personal wine training
  • Bespoke wine tours and itineraries
  • Private wine masterclasses
  • Wine concierge
  • Personalised food & wine pairings
  • Wine planning for milestone celebrations

Evaluations, investments & appraisals

Swirl & Cellar offer wine-lovers and wine collectors a range of services to deepen their understanding of, reward from, and confidence in their passion for fine wine.  We provide appraisals and cellar management services to wine collectors.

  • Inventory and Valuations
  • Authentication
  • Expert witness
  • Advice on cellar design and wine storage
  • Appraisals and cellar management services
  • Wine related Real Estate opportunities
  • Wine business investment guidance & strategy
  • Wine authentication and fraud detection
  • Wine insurance through our trusted partners, La Playa
    (We also provide expert wine appraisals and wine valuations for underwriters and insurers in the event of a claim)