Swirl in the Cloud is our new digital offering which enables us to create, connect and deliver content virtually.

Wine is an emotional product, existing at the intersection of humanity and nature. Swirl in the Cloud is the nexus point where modernity meets this emotional experience. Using technology as the platform and wine as the language, we’ll explore all things vinous via selected digital channels.

Our traditional understanding of wine is rooted in the ceremony of shared experience. We enjoy it with friends; we attend tastings; we take the time to select the perfect bottle for a dinner party.

You may think that the intimacy of these collective experiences is impossible to replicate remotely. We would challenge that; Swirl in the Cloud’s digital events have been thoughtfully designed to maintain the sense of connection. In bringing wine into people’s home we blur the line between the performative shared experience and the intimacy of the personal and private.

Changing times need a change of approach. Swirl in the Cloud isn’t just for now – we don’t believe in change for change’s sake, or quick-fix reactionary measures. When the current crisis has passed, Swirl in the Cloud will still be offered in tandem with our in-person events enabling our clients to maximise the reach, value and life of their campaigns.

To find out why and how Swirl in the Cloud can future proof your business, you can download the full brochure here or contact us directly at sarah [at] swirlwinegroup [dot] com.