26th January 2021

The Event in Social Media


Nothing better than a hamper filled with goodies, some fine wine and an eclectic and esteemed guest list from the world of wine…

On the 26th January, we continued our food matching with Wines of Japan series that commenced two years ago; since that time, the profile, diversity and availability of Japanese wine in the UK have increased, with national importers such as Boutinot, Amathus and Hallgarten importing a range of Japanese wines. Koshu, Japan’s delicate, native white grape, remains the calling card of Japanese wine, but there is more to discover from different varieties and prefectures. Japanese wine is now taken very seriously by Japanese wine consumers (a discerning bunch), and this is reflected in the dynamism and quality of contemporary Japanese wine.




You can view and download the powerpoint presentation from the event here.

What we ate and drank:  link

Discover what Stefan Neumann MS, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal had to say about Japanese Wines here


“Great tasting, thank you so much.”

Margaret Rand MW

“I had not tried Japanese wines for a couple of years, and it was eye opening.  The wines had more character and precision that I remembered, and the Chardonnay and Syrah were a particular surprise.  I also enjoyed the focus on the different regions, which was very helpful.  I know from experience (at Sake no Hana) that salmon and tuna sashimi are very challenging for wine, so I found it quite revealing to taste the samples with the food.  In fact the only one of the wines (the Koshu Clareza, Aruga Branca) seemed to struggle with the sashimi, so it was a worthwhile experience.  Thank you again for an excellent seminar and tastings.”

Christine Parkinson

“I just wanted to say thank you for the master class, it was very informative and well-presented.  I thought that the wines were excellent, and as it finished, I remember a sake lesson that I did a while back and how Sake is tasted as a whole, how balanced and profound it is and I would sort of see a similarity in the style of wines that they go for.”

Mattia Scarpazza

“Thank you again for the Japanese wine tasting invitation.  As usual it’s super professional, well-organised, interactive and fun.  I learned a lot and enjoyed the Japanese hamper.  That is so generous.  I look forward to participating in the next wine tasting!”

Rebecca Gergley

“Thank you for a superb tasting, excellent wines, particularly enjoyed two from Hokkaido as Ive not tasted anything from there and they were delicious.”

Donald Edwards

“Lovely food Sarah – really enjoyed it.  Brought back memories of when I used to travel around central Europe a lot and regularly eat sushi.  The wines are superb as well.”

Tom Lewis