23rd July 2020

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After numerous requests we revisited Georgian Qvevri Winemaking this time, with renowned winemaker, Eko Glonti, an advocate of natural wines, and founder of Lagvinari, a small organic winery in Georgia.

In this highly engaging webinar Sarah Abbott MW and Eko explored the history, production, usage and renaissance of qvevri winemaking across Georgia. These traditional clay vessels have been used in Georgia since 6,000BC to ferment, mature and store wines of diverse styles. Despite the rapid increase in interest in qvevri winemaking, the science, art, and nuanced practice of qvevri winemaking is still misunderstood.

Qvevri solve a lot of winemaking problems, but their effective use demands close attention, relentless hygiene and patient commitment from the winemaker. This theoretical webinar seeks to bust a few myths and explain the value and appeal of making qvevri.


You can view and download the powerpoint presentation from the event here. (This presentation includes the speaker notes, reading lists, and information on producers and importers:

The website also has useful information on Georgian wine regions, grape varieties, producers, etc.


Emily Silva, Head of Retail, Oxford Wine Company
“Extremely well organised and full of great content, keep doing them please!”
Elizabeth Hawthornwaite, Elizabeth & Wine
“Just wanted to say thanks for the webinar on Georgian wines last week. Really fascinating and so much to learn! Looking forward to future seminars, thanks again.”
Carols B - Wine Education & Consultancy