Swirl in the Cloud kicked off its 2021 Wines of Georgia series with a virtual tasting exploring the deeply ancient, but also exuberantly dynamic nature of her lands and wines. We held the audience captive with a selection of wines that show why so many European wine buyers are getting excited about native and contemporary varieties Georgian wines.  All of the 10 Georgian wines featured are currently available in the UK market.

Sarah Abbott MW hosted the event illustrating the context for each wine and uncovering aspects of Georgian wine culture, history, production and the stories that make Georgian wine so interesting. We will discussed the place for the wines in the UK market as we sipped on dry white, dry red, qvevri amber and red.

This event is hosted by Swirl & Market, part of Swirl Wine Group on behalf of the National Wine Agency of Georgia



You can view the session and download the powerpoint presentation from the event here:



The website has a host of information on Georgian wine regions, grape varieties, producers, etc.