Emma is winemaker at Hattingley Valley, entrepreneur , author of technical books on viticulture in England and consultant winemaker. She is focusedtenacious – and so FUNNY.


Emma Rice. Photo via twitter.com/CellarHand

We met in our first jobs in wine.

She was the PA to the boss of this small wine importer, and I was a salesperson. There’s a tendency for women to stay in communications, PR or marketing rolls in wine. They’re great jobs – but there’s also much much more to choose from.  

Emma wanted to be a winemaker – and it’s fair to say she was met with a high degree of scepticism.

Her ambition dismissed by one boss who said: “your looks and charm are your assets”.  

Needless to say, she went for it.

Travelled, invested in training, got her hands dirty very quickly, studied winemaking and made wine around the world. Emma built her winemaking consulting business from scratch. She has (literally) written the book on how to establish vineyards in the UK. And she has won multiple awards for her wines at Hattingley Valley. She’s a talented winemaker, a savvy business person and a creative, resilient, no-bullshit, powerful soul.  

And yes, ALSO very attractive and charming. So take that – it’s not an either/or, you know.