Debra is a wine media superstar.  

Sarah Abbott writes: we met while studying for the MW, and she’s the sort of woman you want in your corner: driven, but genuinely kind.

She brought classy, seamless Californian glamour to the fusty classroom. Her attitude then and now was playfully disruptive in her approach to wine communication.  

Debra is non-traditional, and absolutely unafraid of making wine fun, playful and appealing not just for the technical, geeky details (which she is always on top of), but also for its cultural, social, and entertainment value.  

Her background as a teacher and lecturer really shows. She has an infectious passion for sharing knowledge and igniting enthusiasm for wine, at every level.  

She’s savvy and precise, and a diligent business person; a traditional, value-added networker and collector and extraordinarily generous person. 

Her business, Meiburg Wine Media, has thrived and shown not just Asia, but the rest of the world, that to embrace wine is to embrace joy.