Today is National Prosecco Day. Hold your sighs. Don’t pop your indignant cork.

In the last decade Awareness Days have grown almost as rapidly as prosecco exports.

Awareness Days started with a focus on worthy causes, promoted by governments or campaign groups. Health, the environment, humanitarian causes – an Awareness Day is a great way to raise profile, engage the media, strengthen community and galvanise action. All great purposes.

But then there are Awareness Days which are trivial, playful – even straight up commercial. Case in point: today is not just National Prosecco Day. It’s also National Filet Mignon Day, International Left Handers Day and National Blame Someone Else Day (seriously).

Awareness Days have become a way to advocate for interests more niche and playful than global health issues. In wine, there are days to celebrate what feels like every grape – there are even 17 different days to celebrate winemaking regions. These “Days Of” can be a great way to build customer interaction by piggy-backing on high-engagement social media trends.

Awareness Days thrive on herd mentality and sociable frivolity. We engage with these discussions because we see others doing the same. Purists or technocrats may sigh at such shallow attraction, but it’s an easy hook for otherwise hard-won, flighty consumer attention. And once hooked, you can start to share the nuances of your mission with your new audience.

In our latest blog post we explore how to communicate nuance (in this case for Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore) on a day which feeds the shortcut-hungry attention of the average consumer.

We reckon that of all the wine-related days, Prosecco Day has cultural resonance. Prosecco has become a symbol for care-free happiness. As Andrew Jefford wrote in the Financial Times last week, prosecco wines “…are delicious; they seem to make happy moments happier.”

There is still reward, still meaning to be found in fun and bright surfaces. ‘Days Of’ are useful for drawing people to a deeper, richer seam of information – in the same way that the popularity of prosecco opens minds and palates to the rewards of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore.

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