We’re thrilled to announce that Swirl is the UK partner for D-Vine via our French partner EOC. D-Vine is a revolutionary fine wine by-the-glass system enjoying rapid growth in France, and now launching in the UK.

D-Vine has been adopted by more than 1000 clients in the hospitality sector who have seen their by-the-glass revenue increase by up to 30%, and customers delighted by the elevated wine quality, service and range. Now Swirl are excited to bring this multi award-winning innovation to the UK market.

What makes D-Vine different from other BTG systems?

D-Vine was created by a team of 3 engineers with a deep interest in wine. They asked what made a sommelier-served glass of fine wine so exceptional, and set out to recreate this experience with wine tech. Even in restaurants with a dedicated wine team, the sommelier cannot always be pouring wine by the glass. They might be in the cellar, presenting a wine pairing, or talking to a table about a bottle sale.

D-Vine’s wine range is exceptional and is produced and bottled in partnership with some of the world’s most acclaimed wine producers. The single serve tubes have a three-year shelf life.

The D-Vine uses a patented two-way temperature control system. The ideal temperature is pre-determined by the wine maker and D-Vine’s oenologist Béatrice Dominé and pre-programmed so each wine is served at the ideal temperature at the touch of a button. It also uses a venturi-effect aeration and ventilation system so that each glass is aerated as though it had been decanted three hours earlier.

And the whole process takes a mere 40 seconds.

But is it really possible to recreate the experience of a knowledgeable sommelier describing each wine; sharing tid-bits of history and anecdote? We think you can. The D-Vine’s integration of content is a really important point-of-difference. A QR code menu can be browsed by the consumer offering incredible access to the kind of information which will get them excited to try all sorts of BTG options. Members of the staff also have access to this information to improve their knowledge about the wine list and give good advice to the customers.

Why is now the right time to bring D-Vine to the UK?

The pandemic accelerated the shift in consumer focus from quantity to quality – and reported increases in by-the-glass sales are a natural side effect of that shift. The thing we find so interesting about D-Vine is that they are, uniquely in their market, focussed on preserving the quality of the BTG experience. The D-Vine system uses wine tech to give a sommelier-esque serve. So, what better time for them to launch in the UK?

How will Swirl be working with D-Vine?

We’re honoured to have been entrusted with bringing this brilliant BTG system to the UK market. Working with our French partners, EOC, we are recruiting a UK ambassador who will build the UK market for D-Vine. At The London Wine Fair in June we will be supporting the D-Vine team in their sponsorship of The Discovery Zone. We look forward to seeing you there.