March 2020

I have thought a lot about how (and even whether) to continue with this newsletter. From breezy optimism to yet another hand-washing update – what can we say or do that isn’t trite, insensitive or (I shudder) exploitative?

But everyone here is finding that connection, compassion, perspective and hope are helping us deal with the challenges that are currently universal.

As one of the team said “I need something to smile about; something to make me think – and not just about where my next fix of loo roll is coming from.”

Wine exists at that vulnerable yet immortal intersection of humanity and nature. In wine we are connected to nature’s indefatigable cycle. To us, this long view is a vital source of comfort.

So, humbly, we’d like to try to continue to connect in this spirit. To do so we’ll be changing the content of this newsletter and site in the following ways:

1.Postcards from….

Over the next few months we will be working with our producer groups around the world to share regular updates about how their vines, vineyards, people, wines and businesses are doing.

2. Swirl in The Cloud

We’re setting up remote tastings and masterclasses, and have even (fingers crossed!) found a way to keep real, live wine part of them. We aim to get this all live by April and will keep you informed of upcoming events via this newsletter.

3. Over to you

Rather than simply blasting you with the content we think you’ll like, we would love you to tell us what you would actually like to read or see from us. To do so, just hit the button below:


Just think – when we come through this – how glad we will be to come together for community and, yes, commerce.

For now, keep safe, keep washing those hands (sorry!), and keep smiling.


Sarah Abbott MW & the Swirl Wine Group team

PS: we’re hosting a virtual viewing party and group chat via Netflix Party of ‘Uncorked’ at 8PM GMT on 27th March (next Friday, we know you don’t have plans). RSVP here.