Follow on from the success of the Gunma Craft Sake event Swirl Wine Group held in March of 2022, Pantechnicon are now hosting monthly Sake Supper Clubs.  The inaugural Sake Supper Club will be launched on World Sake Day on Saturday 1 October Pantechnicon.  Each evening will take a deep dive into the best and rarest sake and local speciality drinks from a different region or master brewer in Japan. Hosted in Sachi’s intimate private dining room, four bottlings will be expertly paired with delicious Japanese food created by head chef Collin Hudston.

The first of the series will take you on a trip to Gunma, a Japanese prefecture known for its natural beauty, snow-capped mountains, hot springs and fantastic craft sake. Celebrated in restaurants across Japan ­­– but comparatively unknown in the UK – the sake is recognised for its smooth, silky texture, thanks to the softness of the water from the Tone River which is used in its production.

For more information and to book your place online for Sake Supper Clubs at Pantechnicon, please click here